Thursday, August 31, 2006


What a week

Hi guys, how are you all?

I'm sorry I didn't update the blog for some days, but I had a really
full and tiring weekend and, as if that wasn't enough, I began my classes.

Last weekend all the exchange students here went to Fiskeboda, a nice holiday place on the 3rd biggest lake in Sweden.

We spent there two days, it was a lot of fun!

Look at this lake, I've never seen a water so still in such a big place!

As usual they made us look stupid with funny games, and they recorded everything, of course.
But we were not the only ones, you can have a complete look in
the photo section of Fadderiet's homepage

Anyway, it was a funny weekend, and the night between saturday and sunday
we even had a bath in the ass-freezing lake. Totally crazy, but fun!

On monday I started my classes, International Management,
the professor seems better than when he presented himself the first time
and the course is definitely interesting.

Yesterday we had the final dinner organized by Fadderiet,
we were almost 200 all together in a huge hall eating tipical
swedish food, singing around swedish songs.
Think they will update the site with more funny stuff..

See you everybody!
I'll try to update the blog more regularly.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Nice day but bad ending..

Hi everybody!

How are you?

Yesterday was a quite intense day, we had free morning then we went swimming
in a really cool place about 15 minutes by bike from here called Gustavsvik.

They have pools, slides, tobogas and an inside McDonalds.. eheh
Guess where I ate?

Anyway we stayed there for like 6 hours having lots of fun
and never stopping.

We then had a meeting for a sport night at the campus' football field and
just going there, the tragedy happened.

I was biking with flipflops on and suddenly one got stuck in a pedal,
an istant later i was testcrashing the streets of Orebro.

I am not really injured, but my left foot's big toe is quite aching
and I have some bruises on my left hand and knee.

I was to the campus' healthcenter today and the nice
nurse told me that doesn't seem to be broken so that's good news,
se thinks that in three or four days it will get ok.

I really hope so because next week the sportcentre will open
and I badly want to play football.

Today I will skip the visit to Orebro's open air museum
and take some rest, hoping that will help to get my toe better.

Anyway today I'm quite happy because the SUN IS SHINING!!
For the first day around Orebro I could actually see sunlight!

See you soon Everybody!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


First days in Orebro

Hi guys! How are you all?

Here in Orebro I'm having really busy days, we had information meetings
about almost every tiny thing that we should know..
The bad thing is that the weather has been rainy all these days
and I still haven't seen this place under bright sunlight.

As some of you know I'm a R.I.S.B.
(Real Italian Sunny Boy) and I can't stand
so many rainy days one after the other.

Anyway I'm too busy to think and that helps not getting depressed.
I found out that there will be an indoor soccer tournament beginning in
late September so I'm already organizing a south-european team
with italians, portuguese and spanish guys..

I want to play soccer so much that I couldn't wait and bought
boots and a ball, getting ready for action!

The sport center here is really beautiful, close to home and cheap, so I think I'll spend a lot of time there.

Today I met with my professors and I have to say that
the one I will have the first course with, looks really rude.
He's australian and he came in the classroom in a white dirty t-shirt saying like:

"I'm australian, I will teach you management but I like better
doing sports. See you on monday."

Eheh, ok, maybe he used more words, but I can tell you that the point was that.
Anyway the courses seem interesting and for the first time in my life
I can't wait to begin school.

The social part here is organised by a swedish group called International Fadderiet
They split us in 25 groups of 5-6 person each and they gave us two "Fadders" per group.
They organise night events and meetings so we can get to know each other.

Two nights ago they made us play a quite stupid game, we had to make
pictures about 4 subjects and then give them to the Fadderiet.
In these days they will choose a winner group but I'm sure it's not gonna be us.

Wanna know why?
Look at these pictures..

Subject 1: Midsummer

Subject 2: Swedish culture

Subject 3: Hawaii

Subject 4: MovieStar

Quite embarassing uh? Well, we did what we had to do, and we did it the worst way.. eheh

So, as I know we will not win the contest

I had to buy me a consolation prize,

cause today was really cold,

and I was around in a light t-shirt,

so I just bought an original "Orebro University"

jersey. Like it?

Now I have to wash some cloths so, SEE YOU SOON PEOPLE!!!

PS: keep writing comments!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Welcome to my sunny place!

Hej everybody!

Welcome to my Blog!
I'm Italian but I chose to write here in English because
I want also my new Erasmus friends to understand what I write.

I want to dedicate the beginning of this diary to Nicole,
who inspired me to begin a blog.
I have to thank her because in Falun
we had so much fun together and that's why time passed
so quickly.

Maybe I should give a little more information about me,
well, I'm an italian student from Milano, I study there
Pubblic Relation and Advertisement.
This term I will study and live in Orebro, a 120.000 people city
in the middle of Sweden, and I'm here as Erasmus student.

I have to say that before coming to Orebro I had
an amazing experience in Falun, a tiny village in the
folkloristic heart of Sweden.
I was there for EILC programme,
which is "Erasmus Intensive Language Course",
a specific language course for Erasmus students.

Actually I didn't learn so much swedish,
even if the course was really good,
but was a wonderful experience for the people I met.

We were about 50 students for all over Europe,
(most of them were germans... grrr)
and we all lived in a huge stinky student house with
about 250 rooms called "Britsen". I can't explain in few words
all the things we did together but I can tell you
it was PURE FUN from the beginning to the end.

Now I'm in Orebro and I'm a little sad that I had to leave
all the people I met in Falun, but we promised ourselves
that during the stay here in Sweden we will try to visit each other.

I just started this blog and i want to say so many things,
but I have to stop because the Bike-rent here is opening
and they have only 20 more bikes to give and I really NEED IT!

I will continue soon..
Cya guys!!

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