Friday, August 25, 2006


Nice day but bad ending..

Hi everybody!

How are you?

Yesterday was a quite intense day, we had free morning then we went swimming
in a really cool place about 15 minutes by bike from here called Gustavsvik.

They have pools, slides, tobogas and an inside McDonalds.. eheh
Guess where I ate?

Anyway we stayed there for like 6 hours having lots of fun
and never stopping.

We then had a meeting for a sport night at the campus' football field and
just going there, the tragedy happened.

I was biking with flipflops on and suddenly one got stuck in a pedal,
an istant later i was testcrashing the streets of Orebro.

I am not really injured, but my left foot's big toe is quite aching
and I have some bruises on my left hand and knee.

I was to the campus' healthcenter today and the nice
nurse told me that doesn't seem to be broken so that's good news,
se thinks that in three or four days it will get ok.

I really hope so because next week the sportcentre will open
and I badly want to play football.

Today I will skip the visit to Orebro's open air museum
and take some rest, hoping that will help to get my toe better.

Anyway today I'm quite happy because the SUN IS SHINING!!
For the first day around Orebro I could actually see sunlight!

See you soon Everybody!

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