Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Welcome to my sunny place!

Hej everybody!

Welcome to my Blog!
I'm Italian but I chose to write here in English because
I want also my new Erasmus friends to understand what I write.

I want to dedicate the beginning of this diary to Nicole,
who inspired me to begin a blog.
I have to thank her because in Falun
we had so much fun together and that's why time passed
so quickly.

Maybe I should give a little more information about me,
well, I'm an italian student from Milano, I study there
Pubblic Relation and Advertisement.
This term I will study and live in Orebro, a 120.000 people city
in the middle of Sweden, and I'm here as Erasmus student.

I have to say that before coming to Orebro I had
an amazing experience in Falun, a tiny village in the
folkloristic heart of Sweden.
I was there for EILC programme,
which is "Erasmus Intensive Language Course",
a specific language course for Erasmus students.

Actually I didn't learn so much swedish,
even if the course was really good,
but was a wonderful experience for the people I met.

We were about 50 students for all over Europe,
(most of them were germans... grrr)
and we all lived in a huge stinky student house with
about 250 rooms called "Britsen". I can't explain in few words
all the things we did together but I can tell you
it was PURE FUN from the beginning to the end.

Now I'm in Orebro and I'm a little sad that I had to leave
all the people I met in Falun, but we promised ourselves
that during the stay here in Sweden we will try to visit each other.

I just started this blog and i want to say so many things,
but I have to stop because the Bike-rent here is opening
and they have only 20 more bikes to give and I really NEED IT!

I will continue soon..
Cya guys!!

will, thx a lot for writing in english!!!! i love it that i can understand your blog but you just understand assi, a drauuum, sauber, scheiße and bausparvertrag on my blog. well. and you think we miss u? hmm, maybe you´re right, but you know- i´d never admit that really... greetings from the enjoyer number one who is satisfied at this moment (i´ve eaten sooooo much...)
Will is blogging - YES!!!
Enjoy your time as much as possible - I know it`s not Falun but...
I`ll take care of both ladies - as promised. Best wishes and a big hug - Tinna P.S. I`ve seen our small video - it`s a great pity that you are not visible!!!
Tack sa mycket!
I'm really looking forward to see your blog grow. Show some pictures from Örebro. We really miss you here...and the video was so stupid that I nearly peed in my pants. Keep watching big brother
cu soon ;)
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